Our mission is:
  • Highten the efficiency of your projects to the optimal level.
  • Highten the security of your projects to the optimal level.

Java mastery: educational touch continues. 2 new educations

This week we had the luck to both experience JFall java conference in the Netherlands and HI10 Walkin Oauth2/Keycloak expert education in Antwerp. We saw lot of rolling code, ideas, examples and inspiration.
This story is a testament to an ongoing odyssey—where education meets adventure, and expertise knows no limits. Join us in exploring the dynamic world of Java programming, inspiring the next generation of code artisans. The adventure continues; Java mastery awaits.

HI10 New technologies

HI10 is as a spin-off of the university of Antwerp, one of the leading java/javascript consultancy partners of major customers in Belgium and Netherlands.

HI10 is one of the only companies in Belgium that has experience and executed projects with new technologies:
-Augmented Reality and VR.
-Blockchain for proof of trace
-Blockchain for NFTs
-Blockchain for smartcontracts with Ethereum.
-Worldwide patent on transactions with QR codes. (Buntinx)
-AI for machine learning

Inner Circle Machine Learning

Today 16 HI10 Consultants were present at the physical post covid Inner Circle education on Machine Learning 2. CNN, RNN, Image Recognition, Voice Recognition, Anomaly Detection. Today on the drawing board. Tomorrow in your projects. #java #javascript #machinelearning #hi10 #inspire

HI10 Growth Champion

HI10 was selected as fast growing company for the Antwerp Chamber of Commerce Accelerator program. We are proud to participate with this group top companies and are looking forward to the inspiration for sustainable and continuous growth!


Full Double Teams

This November, HI10 is at full double teams speed again. What does this mean? This means HI10 has 8 skilled full stack developers
available to start at great projects in the Antwerp/Brussels region or the Ghent/Brussels region.
Experience profiles range from 3 years experience to 6 years of experience.
Our consultants have industry experience in java and frameworks, javascript and frameworks, in depth data security knowledge, and an enjoyable sharp mindset. Contact us on info [at] hi10 [dot] be or on the Contact Us tab for an overview of fitting candidates.

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