digital signatures

we take on your digital signature projects, based on our experience, and our defined building blocks. our building blocks are cloud enabled and endorsed by experts at hand. our building blocks are open source, proving their world-proved security to the world.

technologies include pki, Belgian e-ID, smart cards, tokens, RFID, contact-less smart cards, XML

business continuity / disaster recovery

HI10 SI can offer solutions for BC/DR plan rapid prototyping, implementation and follow up of disaster planning and fast response to critical issues.

technologies include load balancing, vitualization, cloud computing, amazon and google

elastic auto-scaling of security applications

HI10 SI performs auto-scaling of security implenentations through virtualization and cloud solutions.

technologies include amazon ec2 and google apps, and j2ee

security scan

HI10 SI can perform security scans of your organization or your organizations applications. a scan plan can be implemented in a fast and proactive way, thus heightening the level of trust within your organization.