Our mission is:
  • Highten the efficiency of your projects to the optimal level.
  • Highten the security of your projects to the optimal level.

Full Double Teams

This November, HI10 is at full double teams speed again. What does this mean? This means HI10 has 8 skilled full stack developers
available to start at great projects in the Antwerp/Brussels region or the Ghent/Brussels region.
Experience profiles range from 3 years experience to 6 years of experience.
Our consultants have industry experience in java and frameworks, javascript and frameworks, in depth data security knowledge, and an enjoyable sharp mindset. Contact us on info [at] hi10 [dot] be or on the Contact Us tab for an overview of fitting candidates.

HI10 Inner Circle Online

15 java consultants were present in the Inner Circle Online about Docker.
No Food, No Drinks, No Pizzas, No Sushi.
Only smiling faces and knowledge. Docker and Docker Compose.
Container best practises.
#post-covid #improve #knowledge #hi10 #we-are-hiring

Hackathon time !

The coming weekend, you will find HI10 hacking in the European Commission organized hackathon 'EU vs Virus' With a team of 5 experienced java/javascript specialists, we will build a solution for improving virus resilience across the continent.
This EU organized hackathon is joined by more than 9000 developers.
As an ambitious team, we hack 24h/24h against the clock from Friday 17pm till Sunday 21pm.
HI10 vs Virus, 1-0.

#HI10 #beatthevirus #fearless #ambition

Stay Safe

HI10 wants to consider for a moment all its employees, customers,
friends, acquaintances and supporters.
Take care for yourself and for each other. Walk that extra mile.

Although we are as cautious as possible both in health as in
business continuity, we do our best to to leave the offices as
empty as possible, arrange all onboarding remotely and even do
interviews on Facebook or Instagram, this situation is not fully
under our control.

HI10 Inner Circle Spring Security

Today 17 HI10'ers got an upgrade for their Spring Security knowledge
during the first HI10 Inner Circle of the year. Thanks Joeri & thanks
Quinten for the inspiration and live demos. #hi10 #knowledge #java

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