Our mission is:
  • Highten the efficiency of your projects to the optimal level.
  • Highten the security of your projects to the optimal level.

Angular 7 - Multi Component

Yesterday marked the first HI10 Inner Circle education of the year. 11 HI10'ers built a car drone remote control using asynchrounous component interaction in Angular 7! The atmosphere was great, and the drone was happily vrooming around in the office.
Thanks Pieter. Great session.


HI10 and HI10 group wishes everyone a superb 2019 with a lot of friendship, much kudo's, great feelings and satisfying accomplishments.
Also in 2019 HI10 group ( HI10, HI10 Keep It Running, HI10 Seed) will continue and extend its high quality technical knowledge offering. Merry Christmas, and enjoy the parties!

HI10 is Trends Gazelle 2019

On this day, HI10 is proud to announce as a press-release that we are Trends Gazelle 2019. This denomination is based on full business information and means HI10 is among the 200 fastest growing companies in the province in Antwerp based on the years 2013-2017. We wish to congratulate and thank the full HI10 Team for reaching this milestone.
Also our thanks go to our great customers and partners for enabling the success.
HI10 is dedicated to continue offering best of kin java and javascript consultancy in the Antwerp, Ghent and Belgium area.

HI10 Gaming Events

Wrapping up an HI10 Gaming Event for our consultants: We were present with 5 HI10'ers at the PokemonGo Community Day October Beldum at the premium location Middelheim Park Antwerp. Enjoy the team!


Yesterday, 10 of the HI10 Consultants were present at the HI10 Inner Circle React technical improvement session. The guys got a clear introduction in the basics of React and our current React Native projects. We sparked the ignition, now let's sky-rocket into the React Ecosystem.

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