Our mission is:
  • Highten the efficiency of your projects to the optimal level.
  • Highten the security of your projects to the optimal level.

HI10 Yearly Event - RACE DAY

Pictures of the HI10 Yearly Event RACE DAY at the Pro Circuit of Karting Genk. Home of champions.
After 35 some adrenaline laps and some heavy and less heavy crashes (without consequences), we had a great bbq to celebrate the HI10 2019 Team.
RACE DAY winner was Matthias V!!!

Wrapping up a conference week #JAXLondon

This 2019 fall week, a large delegation of HI10 java consultants has attended the JAX London conference. This reknowed and world-class Java and Tech conference is this year especially focussing on java performance, cloud native, micro services and CI/CD. It will allow us to bring into the company inspiration and technology to keep our engineering of java integrations at the outstanding level you expect from a HI10 consultant.

Built for the cloud: walk-in

We build for the Cloud. 11 HI10 consultants were present at the Thursday Walk-In session in Antwerp about AWS Top 10 Services. We got inspired for building intelligent scalable solutions and received the latest new cloud native insights from the different HI10 experts.
Thanks Geert and all the participants. #HI10 #AWS

HI10 Walk In session GIT & GIT Tips and Tricks

Yesterday evening, 14 HI10'ers were present at the HI10 Walk-In session in Antwerp Linkeroever about GIT & GIT Tips and Tricks. The open space concept and the food for thought did the rest. #hi10 #java #gettingbetter

HI10 supports students & universities

This 2019 Spring, HI10 is present at different job fairs (Antwerp, Ghent, Leuven) and faithfully supporting technical student organisations. HI10 is this year proud sponsor of KU Leuven Ulyssis CTF and we enjoyed the mind breaking spectacle at KU Leuven yesterday evening. We congratulate the winners and enjoyed meeting all of you!

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