Our mission is:
  • Highten the efficiency of your projects to the optimal level.
  • Highten the security of your projects to the optimal level.

Happy 2016!

HI10 SI wishes all its employees, customers and visitors a great and happy 2016, with a lot of love for great knowledge and creations.
Also in 2016 we are keeping to our 'SLA'. We have and will have experienced java consultants available at all times. People that can get the job done, thanks to a vast technical mastership and always improving technical drive.

HI10 supports

HI10 re-iterates its financial support to different children, human rights and refugee organizations. Working together with HI10 consultants means a small but substantial part of the turnover flows to these worldwide and local initiatives.
(This in addition to support of student organizations and selected social and sport events).

JAX London

Also in 2015 (October) a large delegation of HI10 java consultants will attend the JAX London conference. This reknowed and world-class Java and Tech conference is this year especially focussing on big data, java 8, microservices, continuous delivery, and testing. It will allow us to bring into the company inspiration and technology to keep our engineering of java integrations at the outstanding level you expect from a HI10 consultant.

HI10 Tech Replay Session PKI & Java implementations

HI10 continues to improve and is running for gold! Congrats to the 8 consultants present on this Sunday morning Replay Tech session on PKI & implementations in Java.

HI10 Student Contest Winner

The HI10 Student Contest has a winner.
After the draw from the correct entries, we had a meeting in
our Antwerp offices with the happy winner Kristof, who was more
than happy with his new Android One Plus One. Other participants,
no worries, our plans are to make this student supporting contests a
yearly event !

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